BATTERY  CHARGER                                       


Suitable for charging storage batteries of motorcycles,

automobile and ships.

      High-current platinum contact switch.

      Low internal resistance & high output current.

      Overload protector, no hassle of changing output fuse.

      Superior, long life changeover switch.





Suitable for charging storage batteries of high end cars.

      Voltage-regulating battery charger.

      Can avoid high voltage impact on electronic equipments in car

and prevent data loss in memory chip.

      Can provide stable voltage for precision electronic equipments

in carmemory chip, computer, audio-video player, etc.





Suitable for heavy charging duty for storage battery factories,

bus companies, transportation organizations, etc.

      Automatically switches off when battery is fully charged.

      Automatic overload & polarity reversal protections.

      Current adjustable steplessly.

      Wide voltage range.




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